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Teri Brown-Walker
Executive State Director
Co-Founder and Director of APPLY+ A Pageant Place Leading Youth +(women) and non profit organization T.E.R.M. – The Employment Resource Ministry where sharing HOPE – Helping Other People Excel thru pageantry and career development is the primary mission.

Teri has had a successful 25 year career in Human Resources Recruitment and Talent Acquisition, leading, training and developing some of the best recruiters in the country. Applying the tools she learned in Human Resources, in 2015, Teri began directing the MRS Maryland United States division. In one year of directing she was voted and name Top 10 in the country for Best State Pageant Director (ranked Top 3), Best State Pageant (ranked Top 6) in 2016 from The Pageant Planet and recently received Director of Year in 2017 from the Mrs. United States Organization.  Giving all her credit, glory and honor to God first, Teri also credits her pageant success to dedication and hard work. Teri is now leading (3) states and is now responsible for ALL divisions under District of Columbia, Delaware and Maryland.

Teri holds a Masters’ Degree from UMUC in Human Resources Management & Development and a Masters Certificate in Leadership from Johns Hopkins University.  Teri currently resides in PG County Maryland with her husband Michael of 30 years.


Maryland United States Pageant

"Rena’ Lantrip - National Executive Director

Rena’ Lantrip resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband Gary and their two children. Gary and Rena’ will celebrate 22 years of marriage in April. She is a previous title holder for the United States Organization.  She was Mrs. Alabama United States 2007.  

Rena’ has been part of the Mrs. United States Organization for 10 years. She has over 26 years of experience in the pageant industry. She has served as a local and state judge, coach, emcee, and producer for many years. She enjoys being involved with the pageant because of the positive impact that pageantry offers women and young girls. Rena’ has mentored dozens of young girls and women along the journey to obtain the crown.  

She looks forward to continuing and growing the Mrs. United States Pageant Organization as Isabella Ilacqua started nearly 30 years ago. A pageant is built from dreams. It is a thing of beauty that each individual can create for herself and derive great benefit from participating in. The Contestant always wins, if only in experience and fun. It has become a exclusive source for married women to demonstrate sportsmanship and to seek a change through expressing their individuality in a glamorous, sophisticated way.