Maryland United States Pageant


The premier pageant for married women


  • Entrant must be of good moral character.
  • Entrant must not have posed for provocative photos or in nude print.
  • Entrant must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Entrant must be a resident of Maryland
  • Entrant agrees that the decisions of the judges are final.
  • The entrant agrees to attend and compete in this year’s United States National Pageant.  If selected the winner, and further agrees to abide by all the required services, rules and regulations governing this pageant.
  • The term entrant is defined as a naturally born female meeting the criteria outlined in the rules and regulations.
  • Entrant understands that the fee to appear on the National stage has been paid for part of the winners’ prize package.
  • Entrant understands if chosen Mrs. Maryland United States there will be some additional expense to compete in the National pageant.  This will be the responsibility of the newly crowned winner.
  • If the Mrs. winner chooses to room with another state at the national pageant your room is paid for.
  • Mrs. contestant understands and agrees that she must be married at least 6 months to her spouse and either work , attend school in the state of Maryland, or can show proof of residency in a surrounding state.

​                                                          FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

1.   Do I have to compete in and win a preliminary competition in order to compete in the state pageant?  No. There may or may not be preliminaries available in your area, however most of our entrants do not compete in a local preliminary first.​

​2.   Do I get a free ticket for my husband?  No.  

3.   When do tickets go on sale?  Tickets will go on sell January 30, 2018 and can be purchased through Eventbrite.

4.   Do children under 7 need a ticket?  YES! Everyone needs a ticket.  You will be able to purchase tickets at a reduced rate for Children under 7.

5.   Are there any required rehearsals prior to the pageant?  Yes, dates TBD, rehearsals will also take place during pageant weekend. 

6.   How many contestants will I compete against?  The number of contestants varies year to year. The delegation will be displayed online approximately two weeks prior to the pageant. 

7.   Will I receive my scores?  RAW NUMBER SCORES will not be given out to contestants. 

8.   However, if you chose to compete the next pageant year and endorse a pre-registration form and pay your deposit, you will receive your overall ranking in your division in each area of competition.  This service will be free of charge to returning delegates once deposit is received for the following pageant season. Anyone NOT returning who would like to receive this information may purchase this service for $100.

9.  Do I need prior pageant experience to compete?  There is no prior pageant experience necessary to enter or to win.

10.  I would love to participate in the pageant, but I feel like I need a lot of help preparing myself to participate, what should I do? Contact our office, we are here to help.

11.  Do I have to have children to compete? No.

12.   Are age or weight factors in winning? The judges are looking for a beautiful, well rounded, articulate woman. Age nor weight are factors in choosing a winner. 

13.   Is there a height requirement? There is no height requirement to enter or win.

14.   What kind of woman enters the pageant? Mrs. United States attracts women of all ages, vocations, and backgrounds.  The one thing they all have in common is that they are married, have a willingness to represent their community, and desire to seek personal development and growth.

15.   Do you have to be married a certain number of years to compete?  No, you must be married for 6 months to be eligible to compete.

16.   Do I need a performing talent? Mrs. United States does not have a talent requirement, however you will be required to to be creative when selecting and wearing your state costume at the local Maryland State pageant and national pageant.

17.   Will I be judged on past community service? No. However, title holders are encouraged to select a community need to champion during their reign. 

18.   Is there an entry fee? Yes. We encourage our city and county titleholders to raise the entry fee in their communities. After all they have been exclusively selected to represent the married women in their areas. The entry fee covers the cost of doing business such as renting a professional facility, designing sets and music, as well as printing, advertising and entertaining expenses.  Space is provided in the official program book to recognize ten (10) of your supporters.

19. Are application or entry fees refundable? No.   All fees are due at least 30 days prior to the pageant date. 

20.  What other information can you share about the competition process? Each Contestant will compete in three equal phases of competition: swimsuit, evening gown, and interview. The scores from the three phases of competition are added up, and the contestants with the highest composite scores become semifinalists. The number of semifinalists will be determined by the total number of contestants in the competition.

  • 21.   The entrant understands that the pageant is not responsible for any accident or injury incurred in travel to and from the pageant, or at the pageant itself.  The entrant will take full responsibility for and agrees to release the Mrs. Maryland United States Pageant Inc., APPLY+, it’s directors and agents from all liability to entrant to any losses, damages, claims or debts incurred by or made by entrant in connection with this pageant.