The premier pageant for married women


  • Entrant must be of good moral character.

  • Entrant must be a U.S. Citizen.

  • Entrant must be married and living with her husband.

  • Entrant must be at least 21 years of age.

  • Entrant must be a natural born female.

  • Entrant must be of good moral character.

  • Entrant must be a U.S. Citizen

  • Entrant must not have posed for provocative photos or in nude print.

  • Entrant agrees that the decisions of the judges are final.

  • Entrant understands that the Entry Fee to appear on the National stage has been paid for part of the winners’ prize package.

  • Entrant understands if chosen Mrs. Delaware, District of Columbia or Maryland United States that there will be some additional expense to compete in the National pageant and will be the responsibility of the newly crowned winner.

  • Entrant understands that if she is awarded the title of MRS. Delaware, District of Columbia or Maryland United States she agrees to compete at the National pageant.  Failure to compete on the national stage will result in an $800 state fee fine and $1,000 fine from the National office.

  • Entrant understands if selected the winner of MRS. Delaware, District of Columbia or Maryland United States, she further agrees to abide by all required services, rules and regulations governing this pageant.

The term entrant is defined as a naturally born female meeting the criteria outlined in the rules and regulations.

​                                                          FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

​Q. Am I required to have a sponsor?
A.      No, you are not required to have a sponsor. But a sponsor can help shoulder some of the expenses of the State Pageant, and should you win the State Title, then some of the National Expenses. A sponsor is a business you are acquainted with, that might help pay for some of your pageant expenses.

Q. May I have more than one sponsor?
A.      You may have as many sponsors as you need to cover, or help cover your pageant expenses.

Q. Am I required to have an ad in the State Program book?
A.      No, however you may want to use that opportunity to thank your sponsors. Please note that an AD is required at the national level should you win a state title.

Q – Can I sell multiple small Ads for the program book?
A – Yes, any Ads that you sell will be eligible for the fundraising program.

Q. What kind of delegate photo am I supposed to be sending?
A. Your headshot needs to be high resolution. The photo must be 300 DPI resolution. JPG or TIF are the preferred formats. This photo will be used for the Pageant Program Book.

Q. Will the photograph I send be included in the State Program Book?
A. Yes, whatever photo you send, will be included in the program book.  Should you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Q. How is the pageant judged?
A. Interview 25 points, Swimsuit (Beauty & Fitness) 25 points, Evening gown (Poise, personality and charm) 25 points, On-stage question from Judges Top 5 (Ability to communicate, articulate)  15 points, Top 3 Director’s on-stage question 10 pointsQ. Am I responsible for my meals at the pageant?
A. You are responsible for your meals during the competition. The pageant will provide a list of accessible restaurants you and your family may frequent.
Q. If I win how much time will be required?
A. 4-6 Appearances during your reign (2) of which are required after national competition. There will be special events and activities you are required to attend and you are expected to come back to State next year to pass your crown to the next Title Holder in your division.

Q. Will my wardrobe to compete be expensive?
A.  It most certainly is not necessary to spend a lot of money on your wardrobe.  What is important, is that you feel special and confident in all your competition categories. It is about how you look and feel in your competition wardrobe!

Q. My family and friends will want to order photographs from the pageant or maybe order a special photography session with the pageant photographer, is that possible?
A. Absolutely…Krisna Goodwin and or Barry Freeman are the Official State Photographer for Mrs/Miss DC/MD/DE United States. Your photography fee will cover full coverage of the show and will be made available to you in a special gallery. Their contact information will be updated soon to the Miss DC/DE/MD United States website and Facebook page.

Q. What are your official prize packages for Miss DC/DE/MD United States?
A.      In addition to your State Sash and Crown, Miss DC/DE/MD United States will pay your entry fee to the National Miss United States Pageant, and official State Queens Photo Shoot.

Q – Do I have to compete in and win a preliminary competition in order to compete in the state pageant?
A – No.

Q. Will Program Books be available to buy at the pageant?
A.      Yes, program books will be available.

Q. Can my family and friends buy tickets to the pageant?
A.      Yes, please see website for details.

Q – Is there a minimum amount of tickets I am required to sell?
            A –yes (5)

Q – Do I get a free ticket for a family member?
            A – No, everyone must purchase a ticket to attend the pageant

Q – When do tickets go on sale?
            A – Tickets typically go on sale 4 weeks prior to the pageant. You will be notified when they are available for purchase.

Q – Do children under 2 need a ticket?
            A –  Children age 2 and under will not need to purchase a ticket and must sit on the parent lap.
Q – Will the pageant be televised.
            A – The pageant will not be televised. However, it is possible that it will be live streamed.   Details TBA.

Q – Are there any required rehearsals prior to the pageant?
            A – No, all rehearsals will take place during pageant weekend. A video may be released prior to event with routine.

Q – Will I receive my scores?
            A – No, scores will not be given.



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